10 Reasons Why You Need A Banquet Management Software ?

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Description: The banquet business is often seen as a game-changer in the catering industry due to its high-profit margins. Banquets are usually held inside the hotel, but they can also thrive as separate banquet halls. This generates significant revenue for hotels, which can be up to 55% of total revenue. Therefore, there is a need for proper Banquet Management Software to optimize operations and generate profits. “Aatithya” is an automated software package that enables banquet businesses to seamlessly execute and manage all banquet operations with increased productivity with its Banquet Management Software module. Aatithya manages weddings and banquet hall bookings, banquet billing and banquet POS systems and much more. Aatithya helps you manage everything from menu selection to taking bookings for the entire month. This banquet booking software also draws up a well-prepared calendar with detailed descriptions of each event for the entire month. This leads to a decrease in dependence on the labour force to perform the same tasks with the introduction of this technology.

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